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Beat Hussy is a Seattle area DJ that started out in 1999 as a resident of The Grind at The Wet Spot, a local fetish night, playing Gothic, Industrial and Dark Wave.  She moved to House, New School Breaks and Drum and Bass on a pair of 1200s she bought herself for her 33rd birthday and began playing out in 2007, primarily at house parties, art shows, fundraisers and Burning Man events including Critical Massive, Decompression, Seacompression and a bus touring deep playa.

In 2014, she returned from a 6 year breeding and schooling hiatus to play a vinyl set at A Family Affair Continues in Portland. A few days later, she returned to Portland, making the jump to digital at the Northwest House Music Conference to fill some open slots, earning the nickname “Slot Snatcher”. This was done renegade style, on a thumb drive she bought on the way to the venue filled with whatever she happened to have on her laptop once she got there. This was followed by a weekend spinning CDs for the first time in a truck as it drove around Seattle Hempfest and a 5 hour streaming debut on Sugar Shack Radio.

Beat Hussy held a residency on The DJ Sessions and remains a resident of Sugar Shack Radio where she can be found playing smooth blends of eclectic Underground House on alternate Saturday nights (and whenever slot snatching is called for).  She is also a proud member of Reason 2 Funk.  Whatever the future may hold, she just is happy to have music in her life and extremely grateful for the support and encouragement she has received along the way.